Additional Charges:

Tolls, parking, phone usage, STC (as defined below), airport fees and other surcharges not included in the estimate may also apply to the final price..

Goodman Limousine Service Cancellation, Change and No Show Policy:

For reservations in the United States, Canada and San Juan, a change fee or late cancellation fee of $75.00 will be charged to all transfer reservations changed or cancelled within the minimum stated time and prior to the scheduled pick up time in the city of service. For all other countries, the applicable base transfer rate applies. For hourly service, in all countries, the change or late cancellation fee is equal to the hourly minimum will apply*.

A no show fee equal to the hourly minimum or base transfer, as applicable, for the confirmed vehicle plus gratuity, STC, airport fee, fuel surcharge, tolls, parking and other charges will be charged if the passenger does not arrive, as scheduled, at the designated customer/chauffeur meeting location for all reservations*.

To avoid a late cancellation or no show fee, the reservation must be cancelled in accordance with the cancellation policy noted in your email confirmation. To do so you may either call 888-304-0626 or cancel your reservation online.

If you experience difficulty locating the chauffeur, please call the Service Provider telephone number listed on the email confirmation. Leaving the pick-up location without notifying Goodman Limousine Service this will result in a no-show charge.

*Applies to all reservations where the pickup location is within the local city metropolitan area. The local city metropolitan area is defined as within 60 miles of the downtown or city center. All services outside the local metropolitan area may be assessed the actual drive time to/from the pick-up location.

** Special Event Change and Cancellation Policies supersede Goodman Limousine Services standard Change and Cancellation Policies and are noted on confirmations.


Garage-to-Garage means charges are calculated by applying the applicable hourly rate commencing from the time the chauffeur departs the garage to begin service and continues through such time the chauffeur concludes service and returns to the garage. The minimum number of billable hours appears in the estimate, however does not always reflect the exact number of billable hours. For services in Europe, a kilometer charge will also apply.

Wait Time – Airport Transfers:

All airport transfers allow for reasonable wait time due to flight and baggage delays. If the customer requests additional wait time at either the pickup or destination location, it will be added to the transfer rate, which will be the hourly rate of the vehicle prorated at fifteen (15) minute intervals.

Wait Time – Non-Airport Transfers:

Customers are permitted twenty (10) minutes of wait time after the scheduled pickup time. Wait time beyond the twenty (10) minutes will incur the transfer base charge plus the hourly charge prorated in fifteen (15) minute intervals.

Fuel Surcharge:

For services in the United States and Canada, the Fuel Surcharge is calculated based on the Energy Information Agency’s (EIA’s) published national averages. Quoted amount may differ from billed amount based on rates in effect when services are provided.

Rate Estimate:

Rates prior to service are only an initial estimate of the cost of services reserved. Wait time and/or additional services may change the final price.

Exchange Rate:

Any quoted rate is based on the exchange rate in effect at the time of booking. The final bill will be calculated on the exchange rate in effect at the time of billing.

Child Safety Seats:

For safety reasons of providing age and weight appropriate equipment, Goodman Limousine Service does not provide child safety or booster seats. However, customers may provide and install their own child safety or booster seats.

Lost or Misplaced Items:

Please note that Goodman Limousine Service assumes no liability for any lost or misplaced personal property or any other items left in any vehicle.

ADA Compliance:  Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available upon request and availability.

Rates:  based on location and vehicle type requesting so please click link to check rates in your area.

Complaints to the City of Dallas (Ordinance 29696):

If you care to submit a complaint to the City of Dallas, please dial 311 on your phone.

Link: Enter a complaint or compliment service request

Operating Authority Contact Information:

Goodman Trans

Joe Yetzer

Phone: 888 304 0626